A little about me

So you want to know about me…well, my love of food started in Kansas City, Missouri where I was born and raised. If you’ve ever been there you know what I’m talking about. From finger lickin’ BBQ to fine French cuisine…KC has it all. And of course I’ll be sharing all my favorites with you.

About a year ago I moved to Arlington, Texas. It’s a whole new world down here with unlimited restaurant options. In fact, DFW has one of the highest percentages of new restaurants opening up each year. There’s like 14,000 added annually. Which meant I had to up my food game, so I could sift out the gems from the duds.

Aside from food my other loves are the two men in my life, Robert and Bennie. Robert is the reason I uprooted my life and moved to Texas. He is a horse trainer and we decided to open our own a horse training business right in the heart of Arlington. The business allows us to travel across the country attending different horse shows. And my job on these trips is making sure we eat GOOD!

Bennie is my five year old Pomeranian who is more like a real life teddy bear. He has attitude for days and makes my heart melt. Even though he has nothing to do with food, I’ll be sharing some pics of him along the way. Why? Because EVERYONE loves Bennie. I mean everyone. And I’m quite sure you will fall in love with him too.

Meet Bennie XOXO

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